I ship from Singapore (where I currently relocated to) to countries you select (at the bottom footer of any page on my website). If you don't see your country in the country selector, please contact me.


I ship to countries that you select on the Country/Currency selector at the bottom footer of my website. The countries also listed in the table on this page, but you should select your country in the selector so you will be buying in your currency. If your location isn't listed, please contact me.


FLAT RATE. See the "FLAT RATE" column in this table below.

FREE SHIPPING. If your products add up to a certain price in your cart (before shipping price), then your entire order will be FREE SHIPPING.

Your Location & Currency FLAT RATE FREE SHIPPING
(if Products in Cart add up to this Amount or more)
Shipping Times
(in business days)
USA, USD USD $10 USD $70 8 to 18 days
Canada, CAD USD $10 USD $70 10 to 20 days
Australia, AUD USD $10 USD $60 7 to 14 days
Austria, EUR USD $10 USD $70 16 to 24 days
Belgium, EUR USD $10 USD $70 16 to 24 days
Denmark, DKK USD $10 USD $70 16 to 24 days
France, EUR USD $10 USD $70 8 to 16 days
Germany, EUR USD $10 USD $70 7 to 14 days
Japan, JPY USD $10 USD $70 4 to 9 days
Netherlands, EUR USD $10 USD $70 7 to 14 days
New Zealand, NZD USD $10 USD $60 7 to 14 days
Singapore, SGD USD $3.50 USD $40 3 to 4 days
South Korea, KRW USD $10 USD $70 9 to 18 days
Switzerland, CHF USD $10 USD $70 8 to 14 days
UK, GBP USD $10 USD $70 5 to 12 days



All products you add to the Cart will be in your own selected currency. However, because all SHIPPING PRICES are set in US Dollars, during Checkout, the shipping price in USD will be converted and shown in your selected currency.

For Free Shipping, if your products in your currency add up to the US Dollar amounts shown in the table on this page, then you will see FREE SHIPPING during Checkout. Because currency exchange rates change daily, the exact amount needed in your own currency will vary.


All shipping is by Air and will be registered with tracking numbers.


Because my items are shipped from Singapore (where I currently relocated to), please allow lead-time for your location. Shipping times are shown in the table in this page.

If you would like me to explore expedited shipping for your location, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.